"I knew that that word was like the others: just a shape to fill a lack; that when the right time came, you wouldn't need a word for that anymore than for pride or fear."


straight boys don’t shut their mouths because their lips would be touching and that’s gay

I’ve been really sad lately. My boyfriend was supposed to come to my performance but we had a fight and so he didn’t. My dad was supposed to come to my performance, then at the last minute texted me saying he had a “change of plans” and he couldn’t come, didn’t tell me why and didn’t call me, just texted “sorry”. I don’t know why it hurt me so much, I mean I don’t expect anything out of my parents lately, but who knows. Just feeling very lonely, nothing seems to make sense anymore. I’m just tired of everyone around me letting me down.


Today would have been the ninety-ninth birthday of the jazz singer and songwriter Billie Holiday. Take a look at portraits of the artist: http://nyr.kr/1iqpjCw
Billie Holiday in 1958. Photograph courtesy Dennis Stock/Magnum.


White girl: What are you?
Me: White & Latino
White girl: Lol you don’t look Latin. Anyway, I’m an 1/8th Cherokee, part dutch, irish, my ancestors helped settle Haiti so im technically Haitian, 1/12 crunchwrap supreme

I’m so tired of the DMV and probably the whole east coast in general. I’ve never met more unhappy, unfriendly people in my life than when I’m in the city, and it makes my eagerness to talk and connect- you know us humans, social animals- seem like some weird idiosyncratic personality trait. If you stare at my blankly after saying hi to me on the street or in the bathroom I’m gonna try to talk to you like a normal fucking human being, not just walk off like a robot.
I really need to get out to the West Coast. My biggest downfall has been not applying to jobs like I need to and it’s hindering my ability to know what I’m doing with my life. Honestly people have some tendency to linger around their college town for a little bit but I am so open and ready to just take a hike because this area makes me more and more depressed everyday.

I pretty much hate my job


Rosario RTW Fall 2014